A five day campaign led by self advocates, campaigners and organisations.

The 22nd of May marks a year since we saw horrific scenes of abuse in Whorlton Hall, broadcast by BBC’s Panorama. Yet still today, over 2,000 adults and children with learning disabilities and autistic people are locked up in secure mental health units. Lockdown is making their situation even worse. We know this really matters to you, so we hope you can help us!

Our Campaign Days

Day One - We must remember

In the middle of everything that is going on it's easy to forget what happened at Whorlton Hall.

Day Two - It's about human rights

Because people have the same rights as everyone else, but they are denied them. That is not right in our society

Day Three - It’s about homes

People shouldn't live in hospitals, what people need are homes.

Day Four - It's about what people want.

Changing the system so that people can have ordinary lives and contribute to their communities

Day Five - What can we do?

Don’t forget those people still locked away, don’t forget their families.

Responses to the Right2Home Campaign

We will post responses to the campaign on this page.

Get your MP to support our campaign.

Please email your MP to ask them to pledge to work on behalf of their autistic and learning-disabled constituents so that they can have a right to home and live safe, happy lives. You can cut and place the template below and attach the pledge to your email.

If you do not know who your MP is, you can check here https://www.writetothem.com/


I am writing as your constituent, to you to draw your attention to a new campaign (led by a coalition of self-advocates, organisations and parent campaigners) that launched this Monday, and to ask for your support.

A year has passed since the BBC documentary Whorlton Hall, but horrifyingly there are still 2,000+ people with learning disabilities and autistic people stuck in inpatient units. Yet more inadequate care and human rights abuses in these institutions continue to be exposed in the media. Now there is the added anxiety of the risk of COVID-19.

The #Right2Home campaign is calling for more to be done to move people out of mental health hospitals and into the right support in the community. I fully support this campaign because people with learning disability and autistic people should live in homes not institutions - safe, happy and well cared for - just like anybody else.


It would be very powerful if you could show your support by signing the pledge which you can download at https://Right2Home.uk/Right2HomePledge.pdf and post a selfie holding it on Twitter using the #right2home hashtag.

You can also follow #right2home online:

Twitter @right2homeUK

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,