Day Two - It's About Human Rights

Organisations from across the coutry like, Sunderland People First, My Life My Choice, Lewisham Speaking Up, Learning Disability England, Rightfullives and Stripped of Human Rights found different ways to express their anger about what was happening.

Here Matthew from Sunderland People First talks about why people were protesting.

The focus of lots of anger about Whorlton Hall was that people's rights weren't being respected

The kind of human rights that we talk about in the video below.

At around the same time the media became aware of what came to be known as "Bethany's Story", which was about a young woman who was being detained in isolation at St Andrews Hospital.

Bethany's Story and the terrible conditions under which she was being held led to an inquiry by the Joint Committee on Human Rights and an investigation by the CQC.

The committee came to the conclusion that:

If you like to read more you can download a summary of the report written for Right2Home by Kirsty Stuart from the Solicitors Irwin Mitchell.