Day Five - What can we do?

If you are wondering about what you can do. The first thing you could do is to watch Vicky's Story.

British Institute of Human Rights Webinar

A webinar for 10-11 am Fiday 22nd of May has been organised by Learning Disability England and the British Institute of Human Rights

You can find out more on the Learning Disability England Website

You might also want to look at some of the excellent resources that The British Institute of Human Rights has on its website.


Our Meeting with NHS England

At 2pm on Friday self advocates from the Right2Home campaign will be having an online meeting with senior managers at NHS England to talk about some of the issues that we've raised this week.

We will post details of our meeting on our responses pageafter the meeting.

Support the Rightful Lives Eight Point Plan

The Rightfullives Eight Point Plan (Easier Read Version)

  1. A review and plan for everyone in an in-patient hospital to get community support within 12 months or sooner;
  2. Steps should be taken by all responsible organisations to make sure that people’s rights under existing laws are being met;
  3. The establishment of an independent body to monitor what's happening;
  4. Increased funding and investment in community services, support and in getting people home from inpatient hospitals;
  5. Families’ and friends’ should have a right to visit and be involved ;
  6. Information and transparency;
  7. STOMP (Stop over medicating people) to be part of all NHS and private health care practice;
  8. Change the law to strengthen people’s right to independent living and a life free from the threat of detention.