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22nd May marks 1 year since we saw horrific scenes of abuse in Whorlton Hall, broadcast by BBC’s Panorama. Yet still today, over 2,000 adults and children with learning disabilities and/or autism are locked up in secure mental health units. Lockdown is making their situation even worse. We know this really matters to you, so we hope you can help us!

We are supporting #right2home, a new campaign to keep this scandal on the political agenda, and press the government to act on its promises. We’re building up to 5 days of action from 18th to 22nd May. A meeting with NHS England and a Human Rights Webinar are among the plans being made. Picking up from earlier campaigns, #right2home is co-run by people with learning disabilities and campaigners.

During lockdown, we need to be very active on social media.

Please can you join us? Here's what we need:

  1. Like and follow our campaign pages on Twitter and Facebook! This will keep you updated on the campaign.
  2. Sign up to help get our social media pledge started! To raise awareness, we need lots of people to post a selfie at home with a home-made #right2home banner, with a promise to keep fighting for people's rights to live in their own home. We'll do this in the mornings of Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th May. We'd love you to be one of the first to get it going! Sign up here to get details and reminders!
  3. Send an email using the text from this page to everyone you know who cares about this. Please support people with learning disabilities and/or autism to read and respond to the email. If you work in an organisation supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism, please send it to all your colleagues if you are allowed to.
  4. A big THANK YOU for any support you can give!